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Presentation of an Uncensored Joke Book

Rebekka de Wit

‘That’s simply how it works.’ It’s a statement we all get to hear from time to time, or perhaps use ourselves. But it doesn’t satisfy Rebekka de Wit in her ‘Presentation of an Uncensored Joke Book’. Her monologue focuses on the consumerism-addled human, the little man and his lack of courage to resist the structures that overpower him. A malaise, incidentally, to which the author does not regard herself as immune.

In this brilliant work De Wit puts paid not just to a certain way of thinking but to a certain tradition of theatrical endeavour.

‘Everyone does it.’ It is that particular tone – with its implied conclusions about the mechanisms of reality and its support for the mentality of stoical resignation – that makes De Wit crotchety. Especially since rather than being descriptive it actually creates reality, getting in the way of change.

Rebekka has not written a joke book but an ethical argument that will blow your socks off.’

‘Presentation of an Uncensored Joke Book’ is a response to a generational instinct to find new significance in life despite awareness of the naive and deceitful nature of grand narratives and conceptual constructs. An optimistic activist, De Wit expresses the need for a real conversation and an investigation of morality, in order to find a new narrative, or counter-narrative.

De Wit ties together philosophy, worldly wisdom and existential doubt in robust sentences that you want to read for yourself after they have been spoken.
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