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Philosophical voyage of discovery on one square kilometre

Restless as the Wind

Jeroen Janssen & Arezoo Moradi

On the edge of Ghent lies a square kilometre hemmed in by a railway line and a major highway. A flyover cuts right across the area, a motorway bridge on tall legs. This is Ledeberg. In ‘Restless as the Wind’, artist Jeroen Janssen and author Arezoo Moradi immerse the reader in a fascinating hidden world, the exterior of which commuters will have seen countless times through the window of a car or train.

Janssen and Moradi show the beauty of fragile people.
Knack Focus

In writing that is both poetic and philosophical, Moradi describes the lives of the residents of her district, interlacing her account with musings on her native Iran and reflections on how we treat each other as people, our dreams and desires, and the reality that sometimes contrasts with them. Janssen, as always, creates his drawings on the spot, in his sketchpad. With pen, pencil and felt-tip he records colourful impressions of views, homes, people, lives. Together the authors create a kaleidoscopic portrait of Ledeberg. On assignment in their own neighbourhood, they show the beauty that resides in its ugliness.

A poetic and atmospheric portrait in words and pictures of a suburb of Ghent. Virtuoso
A tour de force
Enola on ‘Abadaringi’