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The land of yesteryear

Say Hello to the Geese

Freek Vielen

Exactly one year ago, Brother and Sister lost their dog Bobby. They are not quite sure what death is. Maybe it is the place where today goes when today turns into yesterday. Or perhaps it is the place where magpies take all of our most brilliant memories. But if you keep thinking of someone who is dead, they will live on, that much Sister knows. That is why she wants to organise a party for the anniversary of Bobby’s death. The decorations are up, the two are about to bake a cake when all of a sudden… death himself drops by. They would rather not have him. Nonetheless, death is here, apologising for being clumsy and intrusive. Slowly but surely Brother and Sister let him into the party and into their games. But what if death has not come for the party, but to snatch someone?

Take one look at the sparkling eyes of the children and their honest, sympathetic reactions and you know: they will never forget this magical performance and the metaphor of ‘the land of yesteryear’.
De Standaard

‘Say Hello to the Geese’ is a melancholic and poetic performance capable of touching both young and old. The evocative text leaves room for poetry, humour and clowning. In a piece that is both playful and inventive, Vielen presents a beautiful portrait of death: somewhere between mournful and mischievous.

Already one of this year’s strongest theatre shows for children aged six and up.
Concert News
One of the most beautiful children’s theatre shows of the year.
Teaser 'Say Hello to the Geese' - Copyright hetpaleis & De Nwe Tijd