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Rock & roll satire about comics


Simon Spruyt

‘SGF’ is the fictitious, tongue in cheek biography of the renowned Belgian author and editor S.G.F. Spruyt. From his humble beginnings as an untalented yet ambitious artist, to his death in a remote mansion in the Provence, this comic offers the reader a rare insight into the rise and fall of Europe’s foremost comic industrialist.

Prepare your eyeballs for a visual tour de force!
The Comics Journal

The universe of S.G.F. is an undiscriminating melting pot of both the high and the low, the past and the present. A place where the bible stands aside vampire kung-fu flicks, and Shakespeare drinks crème de menthe with Virgil and Gilgamesh. The center of this universe: S.G.F. himself. As a grotesque of the classic biography, he brings the genre to absurd new levels of self-worship and megalomania. Through a series of humorous short stories, a kaleidoscopic view of an entire artistic career is created. 

Graphically, the stories draw from a wide range of styles. Depending on the topic of the story, its style may vary from nouvelle vague to Marvel Comics to Assyrian artwork. ‘SGF’ is a comic about comics, it’s satire, it’s a Freudian manifestation of the It, it’s a load of nonsense, it’s a declaration of love for pulp culture, but above all, it’s rock & roll.

Bizarre logic, hard-boiled humour and a heterogenous drawing style reminiscent of draughtsmen of the Feraille collective
NBD Biblion
An appropriate symbiosis of text and graphic elaboration that serves all praise and attention
Stripvos Jury