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An entertaining and colourful Otto-biography

Show & Tell Me the World

Tom Schamp

In this colourful encyclopaedia, children discover the world and learn new words in a playful way. The result is a hefty introductory and comprehensive work, full of dynamic characters and objects, offering a generous sampling of Tom Schamp’s craftsmanship. Schamp takes his readers to a city, a garden, a shop, a construction site, a concert, a classroom, an airport and many other places. His best-known character, the disarming Otto, is of course assigned the star role in this 'Encyclopedia Otto-biografica’, in which we follow his adventures for a year.

We seldom see so much humour, beauty and linguistic creativity.
Cutting Edge
The most imaginative picture dictionary in the world

Along with Otto and characters like Uncle Tom Tom (the Sunday painter), Dr Mole (who digs deeper and deeper) and Professor Fox (who knows lots and lots), children discover strange characters, heavenly desserts, the colourful seasons and so much more. Thanks to different languages and nationalities, a brightly coloured, multicultural universe rises up before your eyes, a world that also subtly criticises environmental pollution and the threat to endangered species. Schamp’s work emerges as a colourful expanse dotted with puns, parodies and allusions. His illustrations represent a blend of Richard Scarry’s ‘Busy, Busy Town’ and Martin Handford’s ‘Where’s Waldo’.

Die Zeit
'Incredibly rich and extraordinarily original'
Beatrice Alemagna, bestselling and award-winning Italian illustrator

'When I encountered Tom Schamp’s work over ten years ago, it grabbed hold of me. It felt as if I were a child again and suddenly all my most colourful and fragrant memories returned to me. It was above all the graphic power of his characters, who are full of life, endearing and vulnerable, but also visually very powerful, that made an impression on me.

What also amazed me was how he succeeds in placing those characters in an original setting. Tom Schamp’s settings are exuberant, always ingeniously constructed, surprising in their unconventionality and unpredictability. His colours are amazing. Tom was perhaps the first artist who taught me to appreciate exceptionally colourful, gaudy compositions, which are at the same time harmonious, orderly and calming.

What fascinates me is his great ability to juggle completely different codes at the same time: folk painting, naïve art, children’s art and graphic arts.

In my opinion, Tom Schamp is a very important international illustrator, as his work is incredibly rich and extraordinarily original. He is one of those visual artists who succeed in appealing to children while also delighting adults. I truly believe in the artistic value of his work.'