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Glitter, glamour and above all lots of pink


Maarten Vande Wiele

It is 1986 and in New York City the pursuit of money, success and happiness is in full swing. But young secretary Barbra Roberts couldn’t care less. Barbra is dreaming of a prince, like those in her beloved soap operas. She falls head over heels for wealthy Kenneth Castelson, a manufacturer of… soap. When Kenneth proposes to her, all her dreams are about to come true. Or so it seems. But then Ken’s ex, the ravishing Rachella Kabuki, who disappeared ten years ago, suddenly returns. And she is set on winning Ken back. Will she succeed?

Barbie meets the Dynasty-vixens.
De Morgen

Glitter, glamour, love, jealousy, intrigue, tears and above all lots of pink: this is Maarten Vande Wiele at his best. His elegant, black brush strokes give playful expression to a world he clearly adores: that of Dynasty and other vintage soap series. With lots of humour, wordplay and plenty of absurd situations, Vande Wiele depicts a series of deliciously superficial characters, the kind you only find in soaps. After two episodes, we can only hope there will be more.

No other comic book author is more at home in the soap genre.
NRC Handelsblad
We tend to avoid all soaps, but we love Barbra and Ken.
Cutting Edge
Cover 'Soap 2'
Cover Soap 2