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An inescapable danger

The Danger

Jos Vandeloo

Three workers in a nuclear power station are irradiated during an accident. After examination, they are placed in a separate wing of the hospital, isolated from the rest of society and doomed to die within a week. Three different characters, three strange figures, who each in their own way cope with their fate and fights for their preservation.

When, after a few days, one of them dies, the other two men desperately undertake an escape attempt from this terrible isolation. The fear of the danger has become unbearable. But they can’t defy fate either.

With Jos Vandeloo we have gained one more great and modern writer
Louis Paul Boon

Behind this exciting and hallucinatory story, the reader acutely feels the fear, the uncertainty, the desperation and sometimes the limitless loneliness of the modern person in a powerless society. A society in which people are confronted with many dangers: from nuclear power to alienation from each other. ‘The Danger’ was one of the first novels to broach the risks of nuclear power and since its original publication has not lost any of its topicality. It spurs the reader to reflect.

The reactions of the main characters to their approaching death and their attempts to escape it are described in an oppressive and human manner
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