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The pitiful antihero with the big moustache

The Dickie Bible

Pieter De Poortere

When the first Dickie collection came out in 2001, it won Pieter De Poortere the prize for the best Dutch-language comics album of the year. The unique combination of its cynical humour and innocent drawing style immediately brought him a great deal of recognition. To celebrate the fifteenth birthday of Dickie, an everyman whose creator has pushed him into all kinds of different roles, all of the first five albums have been compiled in this luxurious ‘Dickie Bible’.

Black, crazy, wonderful trash humour, reminiscent of Monty Python

De Poortere sends Dickie on excursions throughout our collective memory: world wars, Noah’s ark, Hollywood films and fairy tales – and wherever he goes, he causes chaos. Sometimes the culprit, sometimes the victim, Dickie always finds himself in awkward and embarrassing situations. De Poortere constantly changes the atmosphere: sometimes cruel, sometimes obscene or philosophical. The contrast that develops between the stylised drawings and the often coarse jokes creates a balance that is rarely found elsewhere.

The design is soft and clear, the jokes are cynical and as hard as nails ****
De Standaard