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Lovers’ squabbles and black humour

The Drifter

Maarten De Saeger

In the eyes of the world Ines and Hannes are the perfect couple. Still, after six months the rather neurotic Ines decides to break up with her partner, who turns out to be her complete opposite. Hannes is heartbroken. In order to run away from her worries, Ines moves to her late grandfather’s farm in the Ardennes. One day a drifter appears on her doorstep who introduces himself as John. Ines offers him a bed for the night, but it soon becomes clear that the wandering eccentric is not in any great hurry to leave. John plays on Ines’ feelings and increasingly succeeds in manipulating her. At the end of her tether, Ines decides to ask her ex-boyfriend Hannes for help.

Maarten De Saeger confirms his status as a top talent.
Cutting Edge

What seems to start as a romantic story, afterwards assumes the air of a thriller and finally turns out to be about the difficult period of grieving after a break-up. De Saeger’s sensitive, but also comical reflections on a love gone wrong are full of unexpected twists and turns. A few lines in charcoal are sufficient for him to suggest a whole world, a modest dialogue achieves emotional depth. ‘The Drifter’ plays with your expectations, surprises and moves.

His sometimes comic, sometimes heart-rending reflections on a love that has hit the skids have a timeless air about them.
In a few lines he conjures up the interior of a shop, and in a few simple dialogues the whole inner life of the characters.
De Standaard