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A visual and emotional rollercoaster ride

The Making of

Brecht Evens

‘The Making Of’ is a work of art, an absolute gem from start to finish. An artist responds to a rather pompous call to participate in a festival in the village of Beerpoele. It turns out to be a makeshift event for all of the amateurs in the village: a strange band of local people, who compensate for their lack of ability with their enthusiasm and optimism. Surprised and flattered by the response of the locals and the influence he is able to exert, the artist begins to take charge and recruits the group to help out with his own, bigger plan for the festival. The micropolitics, hostility and sexual tension at the festival slowly build up, culminating in slapstick and a rainstorm.

Evens’ washes of color are brilliant.
Publishers Weekly

‘Observation and interpretation!’ – these are the first words in the book. And that’s precisely what Brecht Evens is such a master of: with the greatest ease, he captures emotions, both large and small, along with funny little human traits and tics. His story feels very familiar, with all of its absurdity. There’s not one single page that will leave you indifferent – every time you turn the page, there’s a new surprise waiting. Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a minimally illustrated stream of dialogue, at other times you’ll be blown away by a brightly coloured full-page scene.

Remarkable. A real pleasure
The Guardian
Evens is the quirkiest of illustrators.
The Observer