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A disappearing farming life and a guilt-ridden colonial past

The People Healer

Koen Peeters

The young Remi, predestined to follow in his father’s footsteps as a farmer, is pursued by irrepressible dreams and voices. His uncle whispers strange, fiercely moving stories to him about the war, about a daemon and about a black soldier.

When Remi announces that he has a vocation and is to enter a strict order of Jesuit monks, no one can understand him.

In a style that’s crystal clear, Peeters performs nothing short of literary magic *****
De Volkskrant

In the monastery his personality is redrawn: he meditates and studies doggedly, estranging still more of his family and searching for quiet within himself. But the daemon inside will not be silenced.

The old stories push Remi to the heart of Africa. He chases ever further until he meets the nganga, a healer, in Kwango who helps him get to know his daemon.

This novel again shows that Peeters is one of our most refined authors ****
Het Nieuwsblad
A stunning novel... a story that transcends countries, eras and cultures