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Dealing with fears both real and imagined

The Pruwahaha Monster

Jean-Paul Mulders & Jacques & Lise

A five-year-old boy has come along with his father to have a go on his favorite swing near the woods. But while he's been having fun swinging, a huge monster has woken up nearby from a very long nap. The monster is ravenous, and there's only one thing that will satisfy its hunger: little children! At first, the monster has no luck as it searches the woods for food. Then, the monster spies the little boy on the swing! But when the monster creeps closer and tries to scare the boy with its fierce cry, “pruwwwahhahaha!”, the boy isn't frightened at all. In fact, he only laughs at the monster and keeps swinging! Is the boy fearless? Or perhaps the monster’s arms are remarkably similar to his daddy’s scarf?

Charming and original illustrations, boasting strong compositions and fun visual details

Children will be on the edge of their seats listening to this lively picture book, which is full of humour and suspense. Jean-Paul Mulders artfully tells the story using rhythmic language and fun monster sounds that children will love repeating aloud. The two-colour illustrations by Jacques & Lise feature lots of busy forest scenes which keep readers guessing what might be “out there” while never actually revealing the “monster.” This book offers the right amount of thrill, balanced with humour and the warmth of the relationship between the boy and his father.

A creative twist that children who like a bit of the shivers will delight in no end
School Library Connection
This quiet, pleasantly odd and dark selection with its detailed illustrations will appeal to fans of Jon Klassen and Carson Ellis.
School Library Journal