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In defence of the vulnerable, beleaguered individual

The Reservation

Ward Ruyslinck

Much of Ward Ruyslinck’s work is a plea for the individual who refuses to identify with the anonymous masses. The same is true for the utopian ‘The Reservation’, in which Basile Jonas, a sensitive and vulnerable teacher, is crushed and devoured by the totalitarian and materialistic society he lives in. Everything in this society is geared towards Utility and Profit, leaving no space for softer values such as poetry, music and friendship.

A work of lasting value for any conscious human being
Algemeen Dagblad

One day, Basile’s pupil Martha seeks his assistance. Her stepfather, an influential industrialist and philanthropist, is making sexual advances towards her. Basile tries to help her go into hiding, but everybody refuses to help, either for fear of the rich businessman or for dependence on him. By helping Martha, Basile brings about his own downfall. The individual man of feelings is ostracised and banished by the Utility and Profit society to a ‘reservation’ for deviant, useless people, where visitors can look at ‘specimens’ as though there were in a museum or a zoo.

At the top of his artistic game
Hubert Lampo