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Provocative portrait of the most hated woman in Belgium

The Woman Who Fed the Dogs

Kristien Hemmerechts

Odette is the most hated woman in Belgium. As the wife and accomplice of the paedophilic murderer M, she spends her days in a cell. She never attempted to stop him and did everything he told her to. Well, almost everything. In comparison with the woman who murdered her own children, Odette can’t understand why her actions have been so harshly judged. What goes on in the mind of a woman who, in addition to other crimes, let the two children locked up in the cellar starve to death while her husband was in prison?

As clear as crystal and very impressive

In 'The Woman Who Fed the Dogs', Hemmerechts attempts to give a new interpretation to the events surrounding Marc Dutroux and his wife Michelle Martin, which caused such a national trauma. The reader has to draw his own conclusions: sincerity is nog guaranteed in Odette's ambiguous testimony.

This enthralling novel is a daring, but successful endeavour to paint a probing psychological portrait of a complex personality. At the same time, Hemmerechts develops an intense evocation of an unusual, intriguing relationship, astonishing and sometimes provocative in all its directness. In both its theme and its execution, 'The Woman Who Fed the Dogs' is a typical Hemmerechts novel.

The narrative is impossible for the reader to escape, unknowingly and at most points unwillingly, you are dragged into her world.
Hemmerechts executes a macabre work of art
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