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Melancholy and resistance

To a New Sealand

Peter Theunynck

Peter Theunynck’s body houses twin souls: a virtuoso aesthete and a contrary troublemaker; a mild melancholic and a snappy hero of the resistance; a whistling nature-lover and a protesting city-dweller. This division does not lead to poetic conflict but to a Theunynckian mixture of sensitivity and obstinacy.

The volume 'Pan American Airlines & Co' got Peter Theunynck off to a flying start. A focus on flight in all its permutations binds the cycles together into a consistently constructed whole. The collection was very well received and was nominated for the C. Buddingh’ prize for best debut.  In Theunynck’s work, in fact, everything takes flight: words, verses, stanzas, cycles and collections, all apparently as light as feather, surround man, nature, art and society.

Strong, penetrating and virtuoso poetry
Annemarie Muscchoot

One of the dead poets churning in Theunynck’s bowels is the sensitive-symbolist poet Karel van de Woestijne, to whom Peter Theunynck devoted a biography. Rage, loss and longing also are the pillars of the ornate poems in 'To a New Sealand', a language expedition full of love poems and satirical verses, rhythmic songs and lyrics on nature.