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Absurd slices of life

Tomorrow Is Another Day

Bart Schoofs

A singles column for animals, seals that run offices and Olympic Games that everyone who wants to can take part in: none of this is really that strange in the universe of ‘Tomorrow Is Another Day’ by Bart Schoofs. In this collection of humorous one-page strips, the author doesn’t allow himself to be restricted by the laws of probability. In his short jokes, he scrutinises and processes social trends, problems and phenomena into hypothetical propositions, which may or may not be better than reality. 

Give Schoofs a medal because he provides the badly needed rose-tinted spectacles for misanthropic pessimists.

Schoofs’ humorous strips make the reader stop and consider societal issues, and make them put things in perspective. This sincere and astonished gaze not only gives rise to funny situations, but also to unique comic books that have a surrealistic quality both visually and contentwise.

You won’t soon find anything as acutely absurd as the work of Bart Schoofs. Never mind though: everything is possible and there’s always a solution to be found. Tomorrow is another day.

There’s a lot to laugh at in Bart Schoofs’ world that has gone off the rails.
De Standaard
Schoofs offers the reader the relief of a laugh.