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Playful story about a remorseful hunter


Jacques & Lise

Viktor, a recreational hunter, has long dreamt of shooting a cheetah. When he finally manages to, he has his new trophy turned into a soft carpet. But his happiness does not last long. At night, he dreams of the cheetahs that have lost a friend and he is overcome by an unparalleled feeling of empathy and remorse. He thinks of a shrewd plan to make amends for his egoistic act: he sews the cheetah skin back together and puts it on himself. Like a Trojan horse and with the best intentions, he wants to take the place of the dead animal among his fellow creatures. For the first time, he discovers what friendship is. But then the former hunter can no longer conceal his deceit from the other cheetahs. Or was it all just a bad dream? In any case, Viktor decides never to shoot cheetahs again, but he can’t entirely leave hunting behind him either…

This picture book, which is unique in every respect, stands out for its witty, humorous style.

Just like in their previous books, Jacques & Lise have again chosen a serene colour palette and a sober design. The carefully selected tints seamlessly fit the atmosphere of the story, and the background colours betray how the flamboyant hunter feels. A playful, atmospheric and surprising book.

A great creative and imaginative adventure full of surrealistic braveness and subtle humor
Global Illustration Awards Jury, on 'Oskar'