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Why do we fall victim to guilt?

We take it from here

Rebekka de Wit

Theatre collective Tijdelijke Samenscholing and Rebekka de Wit were devastated after reading ‘Self-Accusation’ by Peter Handke. In this piece from the early sixties, Handke shows that ultimately everybody is complicit in history. After reading the text, the actors wondered what they themselves are guilty of and where exactly this began. In ‘We take it from here’, the actors go in search of answers. Their quest for feelings of guilt forces them to conclude that their greatest culpability concerns those they love.

'We take it from here’ starts off as a list of things the actors and characters feel guilty about, ranging from childhood memories, like stealing a Barbie doll, to existential questions about their relationships, the ways in which they have wronged the people they love, or their complicity in current and universal problems such as the refugee crisis. The actors’ admissions are alternated with songs. There is no set order to the text and songs, so performances vary depending on the actors and their environments, and audiences are always in for a surprise.

Complex, intriguing, clever, witty, poignant, musical and bitter. In a word, highly recommended.
De Correspondent