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Against the Tide


Jan Sobrie & Raven Ruëll

All of a sudden, everything in Ebenezer’s life grows smaller, from the bottle of coke to the sofa. And then one day, after a setback in his parents’ life, his world also literally shrinks. When the family move into social housing, he meets Sammy, his foulmouthed neighbour, a girl who has had to repeat a year, but who is also the best goalkeeper in school.

In this beautifully balanced story, the two youngsters’ budding friendship goes hand in hand with their social struggle. Humour and imagination lend Wildekid an identity of its own.
De Standaard

Sammy and Ebenezer are both outsiders. While their classmates are out buying gear for the school ski trip to Champéry in Switzerland, they have to stay at home where the outlook is bleak: the gas and electric get disconnected, the breadbins are empty and their parents succumb to the pressure of mounting bills. The children cannot count on a lot of understanding for the financial problems at home, and while their classmates are away skiing the two of them are left behind.

Wildekid is a bitter-sweet tale of poverty and its presence in the world of two inseparable children. Both heart-warming and heart-rending, with playful humour and plenty of imagination, two fierce firecrackers find each other in a priceless friendship.

Wildekid’s biggest trump card is its playful, multi-layered text.
Trailer 'Wildekid'