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Bewitching graphic novel for children

Witch Child

Stedho & Maxe L'Hermenier

Jean is not only the son of a witch, he’s the grandson of a witch, the brother of a witch and the cousin of a whole host of witches. But he can’t cast spells. In his family the gift of magic is passed on only from mother to daughter. He has grown used to the fact that thunder and lightning starts up when his sister has a nightmare and he doesn’t turn a hair if one of his aunts appears out of nowhere in their Paris apartment. But then a magic-drinker attacks his family, turning the witches one by one into lifeless dolls. It’s up to Jean and his sister to try to save them.

Atmospheric, filled with excitement and strong, very human characters
Ligne Claire

‘Witch Child’ is an utterly thrilling adventure populated by well-developed characters. Stedho’s drawings bring the world of the children’s novel by Pierre Bottero to life in style. In the second volume too, ‘The Dream Thief’, in which Jean at last has the gift of magic himself, Stedho’s dynamic scenes and lively, warm colours are the backbone of the book. The contemporary setting makes this two-part series about ancient powers feel fresh and familiar. With humour and verve, Stedho and Max L’Hermenier create a world that is both realistic and magical.

One of the greatest artistic talents of the world of Flemish graphic novels. Stedho is clearly having a blast here. His pictures rock as never before
Covers 'Witch Child' and 'The Dream Thief'
Covers 'Witch Child' and 'The Dream Thief'