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Poetry full of testosterone

Wonderbras & Pepper Spray

Andy Fierens

Wonderbras & Pepper Spray’ by Andy Fierens is revealing in its contemporaneity. Fierens is entirely aware of the traditions his writing inhabits without getting stuck in them. Those who still think that poetry always sings about sublime subjects in a sacred, respectful tone will have to fundamentally rethink their opinions after reading these poems.

This is the work of a virtuoso with the ability to steer his imagination in any direction he wants. However, the whole never feels disjointed – the undercurrent binds it all together

The poems of Andy Fierens are repositories of language material (brand names, puns and word play, quotations, fragments of texts heard on the streets, mangled texts, jokes...) which is woven boisterously as well as humorously into highly readable texts that also work well on stage.

In Fierens’ universe we meet an anti-hero who seduces women with a fake erection. Loudness shouts down moments of silence. But black humour and disrespect oscillate into a sensitive longing, a lack or a fear of abandonment. In a seemingly naive way Fierens mixes vulgar and revolting impropriety with light, tender beauty. Attraction and repulsion are playing with each other. This poetry is hard, but not heartless.

Wonderbras & Pepper Spray’ is an intrepid expedition through the world of a remarkable poet
Fierens gives poetry a dust down, revealing a wonderful piece of furniture with many more years of life in it
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