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A new heroine arises

Yasmina and the Potato Eaters

Wauter Mannaert

Yasmina is a true domestic goddess. Her father is struggling to make ends meet while working in a chip shop, but luckily Yasmina knows the right people and places so she can serve him a delicious meal every day. Before and after school she pops round to old Cyriel and his neighbour Marco, who both have allotments on a strip of wasteland (and disagree on the correct way of growing vegetables). She is an enthusiastic forager and occasionally she clambers onto the off-limits roof garden of her upstairs neighbour to steal produce. But then one day the allotments are turned over and seized by an industrial food business, and not much later an addictive type of potato appears on the market with rather strange consequences for those who eat them. When her father falls victim to this mystery as well Yasmina decides that enough is enough. 

A feast for the eyes. Mannaert is one of the stars of the contemporary graphic novel

With great style, Wauter Mannaert draws the extraordinary world of Yasmina, who bravely squares up to a criminal food manufacturer. ‘Yasmina and the Potato Eaters’ is a thrilling and fast-paced adventure story that sheds light on the downsides of scientific progress, our diet and the food industry but that is never moralising. Yasmina herself is a refreshing heroine for a new generation. Following ‘Yasmina and the Potato Easters’, Yasmina was given her own, dedicated series in a more conventional, 48-page comic format. The first two albums have been very well-received in the press.

A silly romp of a corporate takedown heist, with charmingly drawn characters and well-paced action sequences
Kirkus Reviews
With its breath-taking and whacky ingredients it will appeal to both young and old – like Tintin, to anyone between 7 and 77.
Covers Yasmina 1 & 2
The first two parts of the Yasmina series