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A human whisperer with a dog mask

Your Inner Dog

Randall Casaer

In 'Your Inner Dog' a man wearing a dog mask has conversations with a series of different characters. The protagonist tells each person what kind of dog is inside them, and what that means. In this way he carefully analyses their flaws and innermost secrets. The dialogues are often funny, occasionally painful and sometimes incredibly sad.

Casaer never underestimates his readers; he is firmly on the side of those seeking aesthetic and literary value. A remarkable book ****
De Standaard

In parallel with this series of drawings, Randall Casaer also addresses the reader directly, because he or she has an inner dog too. (Or a cat. Or another metaphorical creature.) He counsels the reader, interprets his or her thoughts, enters into a discussion and conducts thought experiments. This written therapy session is brimming with humour and a fine counterpart to the collection of drawings.

Like an empathetic etcher Casaer goes in search of the canine side of human nature

Both Casaer’s language and drawings are accessible yet extremely poetic. He knows how to identify any sensitive issues, move the reader and even make them laugh out loud at times. 'Your Inner Dog' is hard to categorise, but absolutely worth discovering. A real gem that delves deep into the human psyche.