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An intense and melancholy story about who we are and what we do


Peter Terrin

Renée has survived a heart attack as a child. Years later her works of art change human lives, but her own life is lonely and under threat. In a recording she tells her story to her son, just as her grandfather once gave her an account of his involvement as a police inspector in a terrorist investigation.

Viktor has just served a sentence for the accidental manslaughter of his son. After his release he winds up in a dubious organisation. Pistols and mysterious packages suggest that the firm of Yucca that he works for is a cover for criminal activities.

Terrin’s work reminds us of Haruki Murakami’s

Renée and Viktor are similar to each other: they carry a history of loss with them, but they manage to deal with those traumas in a non-cynical way. Terrin’s narrative universe is bathed in mystery, the surprising atmosphere gets under one’s skin and the suggestive style increases the sense of menace.

‘Yucca’ is not a classic thriller with a dénouement. The pieces of the puzzle never all fall in the right place, but seek an answer to the question how to deal with threatening violence and loss.

Brilliant. A moving tribute to the subconscious
Vrij Nederland