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Translation Grants

Flanders Literature awards grants to foreign language publishers for the translation of literary work written or illustrated by residents of Dutch-speaking Belgium. The work should originally have been published in Dutch by a Flemish or Dutch publishing house or staged by a professional theatre company in Flanders or in the Netherlands.

The purpose of these grants is to stimulate international publication or performance of work by Flemish authors, illustrators, playwrights and comic book authors.

The quality of the translation is the key to the success of a translated book. This is why Flanders Literature encourages publishers to work with professional literary translators and emphasises the importance of high-quality translations. Flanders Literature and its colleagues of the Dutch Foundation for Literature manage a database of acknowledged literary translators. If a publisher prefers to work with another literary translator, the quality of the translator's work is assessed first.

Foreign publishers can apply for financial assistance to cover 60 to 100% of the translator’s fee.

New guidelines 2020

Flanders Literature has updated its grant guidelines. These are the most important changes.

  • Translation grants now cover all different genres, including drama, illustrated books and poetry. For illustrated books and poetry, financial support for the production costs is still part of the grant.
  • The applicable percentages for the calculation for illustrated books were lowered. Financial assistance is now provided to cover up to 60% of the translator’s fee for publishers from economically strong countries (80% for publishers from economically weak countries).


Applications should be submitted through the online portal My Flanders Literature.

We have created a manual to guide you through the application process step by step. If you have any questions, chances are you will find the answers here. Please always follow the procedures described in the manual. If something is not clear, let us know!


Please submit your application at least three months before the book goes to print. If you submit your application after the deadline, no financial support will be possible.

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