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In search of tracks of Ward Zwart

Ward Zwart – graphic novelist, zine maker, artist, musician, illustrator – could not be captured in one word. After his death in late October 2020, Ephameron, Ignace Cami and Enzo Smits had a feeling that the universe that Ward had created was not getting the exposure it deserves. That’s why they joined forces to compile an index of Ward’s work: Tracks.

Why Tracks?

Tracks is an invitation to the general public to discover the many traces left by Ward Zwart. The index contains cross-references, footnotes and links that help you explore. You will find yourself walking through a dense forest full of trees and shrubs, down paths and back roads, along ditches and canals, in search of a sign of Ward Zwart.

© Ward Zwart

Who was Ward Zwart?

Antwerp-based Ward Zwart (1986-2020) was an idiosyncratic artist, known for his gorgeous pencil and charcoal drawings. He made a name for himself in the underground circuit as a zine maker, he did illustrations for newspapers and magazines, created performances featuring spoken word and splashes of vinegar, wrote books and designed caps, pins and music posters. He published several graphic novels, including Wolves (2016), with Enzo Smits, and Have Travelled Far, But Won't Stay Long (2020). Ward’s work is often full of melancholy and nostalgia, but it has humour to counterbalance the dark atmosphere. He saw the beauty in small things like no other.

Apr 29th, 2021