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Keys to the artistic universe of Ward Zwart

Zine maker, comics author, illustrator, musician, artist–Ward Zwart (1985-2020) could never be pinned down in a single word. Three people, who were close to him and to his work, have joined forces to give the general public insight into the many tracks he has left behind.

Teenagers. © WARD ZWART
Teenagers. © WARD ZWART


In recent months, a lot has been said about the work and life of Ward Zwart. Nevertheless, we had the growing feeling that some facets did not receive enough attention, if any. Besides his illustrations for newspapers and magazines, graphic novels, and posters for cultural events, the artist also created an amalgam of lesser known publications, music projects and other rarities, and it would be a shame to deprive the public of these.

We have attempted to draw up the legend to a map, albeit incomplete, which–based on a few key concepts and motifs–offers bridges between the many projects that make up Ward’s oeuvre. It is a step towards unfolding his universe to the outside world, inviting people to explore. We walk together through this dense forest full of trees and shrubs, along trails and paths, trenches and ditches, searching for Ward's tracks.

- by Enzo Smits, Ephameron, Ignace Cami, January 2021.