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Modern fairy tales in a metropolitan setting

A Child of God

Rachida Lamrabet

‘A Child of God’ is a collection of twelve short stories told from the perspective of diverse characters who are all struggling to find their place in our multicultural society: fathers who are at odds with themselves, a mother who fights tooth and nail for her child and the next generation which tries to mould its insecurity, ambivalence and humour into a better life. With immense empathy, the author gets under the skin of her characters, who are on all sides of the spectrum: from a fearful supporter of the extreme right who feels he is being robbed of his own country to a Romany boy who cannot get settled in his new environment. 

Intelligent irony lends these serious stories a wonderfully light tone.
Het Parool

Rachida Lamrabet tells moving stories about ordinary people. Not only does she have a story to tell, but she does so beautifully and incisively. She has mastered the art of writing between the lines and uses story-telling conventions to look at a problem from different angles. ‘A Child of God’ is a multifaceted chronicle about the joys, horrors and unpredictability of urban life.

With a few simple brush strokes, she draws the reader into her characters’ worlds.
Cutting Edge