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To fathom the unfathomable

BOG. An attempt at restructuring life

BOG. collectie

It is the ambition of many plays to get to the essence of human existence. The theatre group BOG take this task very seriously in their self-titled play. ‘BOG’ is an overwhelming succession of short, biting sentences that capture various aspects and experiences in a person’s life. Within the larger narrative, smaller arcs and storylines are formed. What is possible within the short frame of existence, between birth and death?

In BOG, four young playwright-actors manage to capture the entire lifecycle in a touching, funny play that lasts just one and a half hours in which not a single second feels wasted.

No matter how unique each person’s life is, the audience will identify with the subject matter of this script, which evokes sympathy and emotion. The play showcases how surprisingly interchangeable the human experience still is. Sometimes tragic-comic, sometimes yearning and sober, BOG indexes everything. BOG’s staccato, confrontational and poignant writing whizzes past you. The audience and performers look at what lies behind them and try to imagine what the future holds. With vast imaginative power, this script intrigues the audience to give it their own interpretation.

An incredibly mature and human performance, with a nuanced view of what the human lifecycle is, and what binds us together. It is both lavish and confrontational.
TAZ-KBC Jongtheaterprijs Jury
The highly-intriguing script explores the edges of what theatre is. BOG is an explosive, sizzling rush.
Toneelschrijfprijs 2013 Jury