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Story collection with a contemporary and pure new voice

Even Birds Fall

Frederik Willem Daem

A police chase through the suburbs of Los Angeles, the privatization of a space station or a nocturnal ramble along the boulevards of Paris: Frederik Willem Daem’s supple imagination not only takes readers to the most remote corners of the world but above all brings them close to his characters.

Despite the often dark subjects – he does not fight shy of death – Daem invariably allows a gleam of hope to show through in his stories. He carries the reader along with his excellent sense of control and structure, working out the dramatic storyline to the last detail.

Daem’s stories exude daring and the urge to experiment. ****
Cutting Edge

This book is Daem’s disconcerting, funny and idiosyncratic debut. On every copy of the first print run, the author has written his name and the title by hand. That marathon signing session was streamed live on the internet and formed part of a short documentary.

Daem showcases his literary talent in a restrained style, featuring a staccato rhythm that builds the suspense within each individual story.