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A novel crackling with suspense

Find Me Gone

Sarah Meuleman

Belgium in the 1990s. Hannah and Sophie are twelve and inseparable, the way only twelve-year-old girls can be. But when Hannah falls for the charismatic Damiaan their friendship changes. Then, after a late-night party in the village, Sophie fails to come home.

Eighteen years later, Hannah is living in New York. She’s a successful columnist for a fashion magazine, but opts for a drastic change of course. She retreats to a room in Brooklyn to write a biography of famous authors: Agatha Christie, Barbara Follett and Virginia Woolf. Three women who struggled with family, loyalty and ambition; three writers who one day disappeared without a trace.

Meuleman has given her novel a new lease of life, lending it even greater momentum. But thanks to everything you do not know the high level of suspense remains the same.
De Volkskrant

Hannah’s research into these women’s lives raises questions she has long tried to suppress. What happened to Sophie that night? Why did she let her go? What does Hannah know?

Sarah Meuleman takes the reader on an exciting journey from the Flemish countryside to New York, from the so-called white marches in Belgium to England during the First World War. Thrilling, moving and intelligent: a debut that crackles with suspense.

The novel, known in English as ‘Find Me Gone’, was originally published in 2015 under the title ‘De zes levens van Sophie’ (The Six Lives Of Sophie). Meuleman 'remixed' her debut in 2016 and came up with a new 'edit' of the novel, which was published as ‘Wat ik je niet vertel’ (What I’m Not Telling You).

Rich and ambitious
De Telegraaf
A sublime book
Booktrailer 'Find Me Gone'