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Which way now for Europe?

Fort Europa. A Canticle of Fragmentation

Tom Lanoye

In this polyphonic theatre novella, there are fantasises, speculations and brainstorms in antitheses about the future of Europe. Seven anonymous Europeans tell their stories. In monologues that generally have little to do with each other, we hear from a Belgian soldier, an entrepreneur and a stem cell biologist, among others, about the only thing that they have in common: an aversion to present-day Europe. These testimonies are also interrupted by sobering commentary from three withered graces. The arguments vary, but not the conclusion: the future lies elsewhere.

Virtuoso writing and an intellectually challenging reflection of our living environment
De Standaard

Lanoye wrote ‘Fort Europe’ for the farewell performance of director Johan Simons from theatre company ZTHollandia. In that same year, it was also published as a book. He describes a future Europe that is dominated by dissatisfaction and the longing for a better version of itself. The Europeans that wish for this are gradually unmasked as arrogant: blinded by self-interest they move away, searching for a similar European freedom on another continent. ‘Fort Europe’ is a ballet for voices that questions the future of Europe – often more true to life than it would seem at first glance.

Fort Europe is beautiful, vehement and crystal clear
de Volkskrant