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The intriguing quest of a man hopelessly in love

Horses are Pigs too

Guido van Heulendonk

Eduard Bottelaer is a forty-year-old actor who doesn’t expect much from life any more. That is, until he meets the young artist Helena. When she sets off for New York, leaving Eduard behind, she gives him a special task. Every day, for three weeks, he must find an object that embodies her absence. After she comes back, Helena will incorporate each piece in a new art installation. Eduard is hopelessly in love and becomes obsessed by the bizarre challenge, which lands him in the most unexpected situations.

Van Heulendonk has a linguistic treasure trove at his disposal
NRC Handelsblad

‘Horses are Pigs too’ is a nostalgic love story about a man who is forced to deal with his longing for an absent woman, and tries to convert his heartache into something tangible. At the same time, it’s also a psychological novel in which a forty-year-old reconstructs and reinterprets his past, led by memories of his youth. Finally, it’s a work about art and literature, with an underlying theme of the unknowable self and the individual’s quest for identity. The result is a sparkling, multi-layered novel that is grimly funny.

A beautifully complicated novel, truly ingenious
De Groene Amsterdammer