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What happens if Descartes’ cogito ergo sum also applies to animals?


Elvis Peeters

In ‘Hunt’, as in his previous novels, Elvis Peeters succeeds in raising a fascinating moral issue through what appears to be just a story: what would happen if animals could think too? ‘Hunt’ depicts the biotope of man as an animal among animals. Will human hegemony remain in place, or do we need to share our dominant position with others?

A novel full of suspense which will leave you dazed
De Morgen

A horse moves from the country to the city in search of a better life, but becomes an employee in a stone quarry. Erik, a labourer and in his free time an amateur hunter, works there too, along with his neighbour Karla in HR, who has to prepare a round of redundancies. Since animals earn lower wages than humans, the choice Karla has to make seems to be evident.

Meanwhile a resistance movement is brewing beneath the city, as foxes dig a network of tunnels to destabilise life above ground. They are opposed by the dogs, who serve the humans as security guards. But how human are these people really? And that Rottweiler with its beautiful coat, how close to Karla does it dare to come?

When civilisation makes way for instinct and instinct for civilisation, perhaps we cease to be the people we thought we were.

If there was an award for the best literary scene of 2015, it would go to Peeters
NRC Handelsblad
A treasure trove of apt observations, unexpected parallels and striking scenes
De Standaard