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Powerful portraits and gently philosophical poetic reflections

I Think

Ingrid Godon & Toon Tellegen

‘I Think’ takes a close look at thinking from different perspectives. Ingrid Godon does this through a mixture of sketches and stylised, timeless portraits of young and old people, using a soft red to highlight details, while author Toon Tellegen works with gently philosophical reflections. Tellegen writes without big words, but the simplicity is deceptive, as there is a great deal to read between the lines. A book full of musings and fragments of thought that move the reader, prompting a smile and encouraging contemplation. Words and pictures do not simply stand side by side, but combine forces. Together, they tell tender stories, reveal secret thoughts and strange desires.

A gem to treasure
Boekenpauw jury

Tellegen and Godon previously worked together on I Wish and this is the stunning follow-up, which can also be read as a stand-alone title. The figures that Godon portrays seem unmoved as they observe the world around them. The fantasies that Tellegen has dreamed up to accompany each portrait provide insights that inspire readers to have new thoughts of their own.

Words and pictures enter into a successful alliance to redefine the term ‘beauty’