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Amazement at everyday things

Just Look!

Sebastiaan Van Doninck & Elvis Peeters

Slug tells Toad that something is about to happen, without saying exactly what. Together they wait. While Slug enjoys watching the light mist lift, Toad grows ever more impatient. Meanwhile there’s a lot to be seen: a colony of ants transports a crumb, two sparrows fight over a berry and a bee dances about in its search for nectar. But that’s not what Slug is waiting for, and she urges Toad to keep looking. When the sun rises, it becomes clear to the reader what Slug means: the rays of light shine through the leaves and create an extraordinary light spectacle. Meanwhile Toad has become too agitated to be able to enjoy the sparkling splendour. Slug heads off on her journey, still dazzled by what she has just seen, and almost bumps into Toad. Ironically, it’s now Toad who urges Slug to pay more attention.

Sensitive and delicate, with streaks of unruly humour
De Morgen

The distilled text by Elvis Peeters almost allows the reader to hear the rustle of the flowers and the sand. The illustrations by Van Doninck capitalize on that; the dynamic pictures make the toad’s impatience tangible and the warm colours almost let readers experience the sunlight for themselves. ‘Just Look!’ appeals to us to look around us, but even more importantly to want, to dare, to see everyday miracles.

A story written in economical, suggestive sentences, and beautifully illustrated
De Standaard
Van Doninck paints the commonplace in such a way that it glows.
Edward van de Vendel