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‘The last thing I want to be is a Marxist’


Stefaan Van Brabandt

No philosopher has made such a mark on world history as Karl Marx. He is regarded as a visionary, liberator and prophet, but also as a charlatan and a troublemaker. Depending on how his words are interpreted, he is cursed or venerated, ousted or put on a pedestal. In ‘MARX’ Stefaan Van Brabandt discusses the history of his legacy, which while fighting for emancipation led millions to their deaths in the name of ‘Marxist liberation’.

As he did in ‘SOCRATES’, Van Brabandt navigates between biography, synthesis and argument. The colourful script is an unprecedented playground.
De Standaard

In the theatre monologue ‘MARX’, the elderly philosopher appears onstage once more. What has he been proven right about, and which things did he get wrong? Stefaan Van Brabandt manages to present the turbulent life of this important thinker intelligently and arrestingly. The result is sparkling theatre that is thought-provoking but also funny. A combative and critical defence of freedom and human dignity.

The heart-rending narrative about the tragic personal life of the elderly Marx builds up to a wonderful pamphleteering call for revolt and resistance.
De Morgen
Not merely an accessible outline of his ideas but an interesting portrait of Karl Marx the man. Outstanding finale.
De Tijd