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High-tech thriller in a world where information is the most valuable property


Joost Vandecasteele

'Mass' is the story of Margot, someone’s ex and somewhat adrift. She gets a job at the shady Blurred Inc., a company that cleans up after multinationals. She is exceptionally talented: working from ever-changing hotel rooms, she continues to flood the market with false data. Her reputation grows and her fabrications make her superiors billions.

The most versatile and most exciting voice of his generation
Tom Lanoye

As she operates on the verge of what is legal and illegal, she penetrates deeper and deeper into this hidden world. Until going back becomes impossible, until ambition surpasses all reason.

‘Mass’ is a chronicle about resistance and decay, with events that take place in Brussels, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Los Angeles. This novel comes as close as possible to the core of this era, which even the ultra-rich can no longer control. It is unique in Dutch language literature.

An exciting experience
De Standaard
Like The Matrix, only literary
Studio Brussel