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An unusual meeting that has everything combining against it

Me and the Bear

Ingrid Godon & Carl Norac

The central character in ‘Me and the Bear’ is young Leo, who in his own eyes meets with resistance everywhere. Neither his big sister nor the girl next door want to play with him. Outside it is raining and the river overflows. Even in the woods it is as though the trees, which make it so dark there, are angry with him. Only a brown bear does not run away from him. More than that, it follows him. That is not the beginning of a blood-curdling chase, but of a friendship that gives Leo enough confidence to go on. Those around Leo, however, run screaming from the bear. Two policemen try to catch it. But the bear is too smart and quietly disappears.

Moving in its simplicity
NBD Biblion

For younger readers at least the book offers a recognisable experience: the feeling that everyone is against you. The story is clear and concrete, told from the perspective of Leo, who relates everything that happens to himself. With elegant lines and gentle colouring Ingrid Godon creates an intense atmosphere. She uses a mix of techniques, in which a schematic use of line and uncontained colouring are nicely combined.

Ingrid Godon does not need pastel colours and curlicues to be disarmingly mild