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Hurts and how they make you who you are

Mona in Three Acts

Griet Op de Beeck

We follow Mona from a nine-year-old girl who loses her mother in a car accident to a thirty-five-year-old woman who watches her beloved sick father die. Her dealings with a worried stepmother, with a famous director, whom she assists as a theatre expert, and her relationship with a well-known writer challenge her non-committal and uncertain attitude. Until she learns how her father has restricted his life through misunderstood choices and sacrifices. She seems to draw her conclusions from this with new strength.

A page-turner full of emotions that are not spelt out
Cutting Edge

'Mona in Three Acts’ is a universal story about why we become who we are. About an emotionally troubled family, the terror of following the demands of the heart, and about the courage and humour of a girl and a woman determined not to make the same mistakes. About where responsibility ends and guilt begins. About secrets and loneliness. It is a kaleidoscopic portrait of a woman growing up in a dysfunctional family who carries the burden of that past.

Her characters are credibly close to home
De Standaard