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Absurd amusement for young and old


Luc Cromheecke & Laurent Letzer

Plunk is a pink alien who, in one-page gag stories, discovers the world without saying much. His sense of amazement creates ample opportunities for successful jokes. The duo of Cromheecke and Letzer also enjoy exploring the medium of the comic: many of the gags are experiments with the conventions of the genre. The bright colours and Cromheecke’s accessible drawing style make ‘Plunk’ a fun experience for readers of all ages.

One of the best humorous artists in the country
De Standaard

Plunk previously appeared in ‘Spirou’ magazine, where the gloomy-looking little guy was welcomed enthusiastically. Rightly so, because the wordless ‘Plunk!’ guarantees enormously surreal situations from Letzer’s brain, which are taken to a very high level by Cromheecke’s clear and deadly efficient style. He complements the childish absurdity of the punchlines with a refined simplicity in his drawings.

You could call it poetry, in any case it is art, and above all, it’s killing me!
Émile Bravo
Covers of Plunk 1, 2 & 3
Covers of 'Plunk' 1, 2 & 3