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The poetry of passion

Scar Tissue

Wide Vercnocke

A young woman, trapped in a mind-numbing routine, feels lonely in the city. In the woods, two stags are fighting for dominance over a group of females. When the woman and the winner meet by chance, they feel instantly attracted to each other. Their encounter is interrupted, though, and the stag transforms into a man and goes in search of the woman.

A truly unique talent
Forbidden Planet

Wide Vercnocke is the master of physicality: he knows better than anyone how to depict bodies, muscles and the power of the physical form. Using fine lines and full planes of colour, he creates a unique style, in which characters never look exactly the same twice. This creates a liveliness that perfectly captures the passion bursting forth from the pages. Yet Vercnocke maintains a slow pace, inviting the reader to look closely at these dreamlike yet realistic drawings that are filled with desire.

A captivating advocate of the body