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A confrontation with your identity and with the past


Sarah Meuleman

Grace and Margot are twelve and sixteen when along with their father, the bestselling author Saul Mertens, they are involved in a terrible car crash on the way home from a party. Fifteen years later, the sisters are still struggling with the consequences of the accident. Aside from the huge mental impact, Grace lost her leg. She fled her native Flemish village and built a career for herself in Amsterdam as an influencer. A drunken tirade about her father’s sexism and misogyny, during which Grace calls him a ‘fucking mediocre writer’ goes viral. Online she puts on a brave face and poses with her ‘fake leg’, but in real life she has difficulty accepting herself. 
When Saul is linked to the disappearance of a young girl called Daphne, Grace returns to the place where she grew up. Surrounded by the polder landscape, she is forced to take a fresh look at her past. How could the car crash fifteen years ago have happened? And what exactly took place that night?

Gets under your skin ****
Het Parool

‘Shadowland’ is a thrilling psychological novel about painful family ties, social media, skewed love relationships and the search for recognition and connection. About walking away from the past yet then looking back. Through flashbacks and fragmentary recollections, written in a fluid and accessible style, the full story emerges bit by bit. Furthermore, the psychological dénouement adds an extra dimension to the story and places the events in a new light.

An unrelenting portrait of distorted family relationships and shattered childhood memories ****