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  • Cover 'Shadowland'
    Cover 'Shadowland'
    Gets under your skin ****
    Het Parool

    Grace and Margot are twelve and sixteen when along with their father Saul, they are involved in a terrible car crash. Fifteen years later, the sisters are still struggling with the consequences of the accident. When Saul is linked to the disappearance of a young girl, Grace returns to the place where she grew up. How could the car crash have happened? And what exactly took place that night? 

  • Cover 'Brussels Blues'
    Cover 'Brussels Blues'
    Brussels Blues
    One of the best Flemish crime novels for a long time
    De Standaard

    Keller Brik is a classic detective in every sense: pig-headed, cynical and distrustful, yet cursed with an immense sense of responsibility and the conviction that the bad guys must never win. In 'Brussels Blues' we follow him investigating a family tragedy, searching for a vanished transmigrant and collaborating with the biggest mob in the Brussels underworld. In the dark underbelly of the city lies the key to all mysteries.

  • Cover Joséphine
    Cover Joséphine
    Anne-Laure Van Neer continues to produce writing of a consistently high quality.

    In an assisted living complex, a select company regularly meets in the utmost secrecy: the Thanatos Club. The elderly members have just one wish: to determine how they end their lives and to die with dignity. The members tend to an illicit poison garden that produces the necessary ingredients. But when the greedy director of the complex announces new building plans, the future of the poison garden is suddenly uncertain. 

  • Cover Sacrifice
    Cover Sacrifice
    A real treat. ****
    Vrij Nederland

    In an ancient forest, a ranger finds the body of a young woman lying naked on a tree stump, abused and strangled. The scene of the crime conjures up sinister memories of a cold case from several years ago. The investigation focuses on Suxy, an isolated village in the middle of the forest, inhabited mainly by elderly people and by eccentrics who are trying to build new lives. Sara Cavani of Interpol asks her friend Alex Berger, a rather unusual private detective, to help investigate the gruesome murders.

  • Overal zit mens
    Overal zit mens
    Man is Everywhere. A Murder Fantasy
    One of the increasingly rare writers who still shamelessly regards literature as an artform

    Kasper Kind is a solitary bioengineer who has been placed in charge of a small stretch of woodland that is suffering at the hands of climate change. He is on the point of committing a murder on the public figure Max de Man: a man among men, an intellectual fraud, a moralistic drip. Humour, social criticism, and rich language are ingeniously brought together by Yves Petry in this compelling monologue, with its unforgettable denouement.

  • Cover- The Miracle of Belgium
    Cover- The Miracle of Belgium
    The Miracle of Belgium
    A brilliantly written novel
    De Telegraaf

    Over a period of forty years, master con artist Piet Van Haut has presented himself as director of Johnson & Johnson, as an examining magistrate, and as the CEO of Belgian Railways. He has thereby stolen millions. Inghels not only tells the story of a real-life swindler, but also recounts his own adventures in writing a book about that criminal. He plays an interesting game with the boundary between fact and fiction. A shocking story about heroism, vanity, greed, ambition and manipulation, not just on the part of the con artist but on the part of the author too.

  • Cover of Trophy
    Cover of Trophy
    Schoeters overwhelms the reader with a rhetorical force borrowed from thrillers and from Tolkien. ****
    De Standaard

    Hunter White lives for the big game hunt. An immensely wealthy American share trader, he goes to Africa to shoot a rhinoceros, the last of the Big Five he has yet to bag. In this page-turner Schoeters takes us into the twisted mind of a Western hunter. White is guided by a morally dubious compass as he weighs up the value of a life, whether of a person or of an animal. A compelling ode to wild nature and a sharp critique of how we relate to Africa.

  • Cover of Raw and As If
    Cover of Raw and As If
    Raw and As If
    ‘Raw and As If’ long clings to your skin ****
    Het Nieuwsblad

    A young woman murders the man with whom she’s been having an affair for some time. ‘Raw and As If’ is not just a gripping ‘whydunnit’ but an expressively written psychological story about the consequences of a loveless childhood. Tack’s unemotional style builds the tension and sustains the dark world and psyche of the narrator.

  • Cover - Shadow Zone
    Hercule Poirot Prize
    Cover - Shadow Zone
    Hercule Poirot Prize
    Shadow Zone
    A glittering, psychologically-charged firework! *****

    Kate works as a nurse in a psychiatric clinic for VIPs in London. Her life turns into a living hell when it turns out that a tweet with confidential information about a patient has been sent out into the world from her account. She loses her job and is hounded by the paparazzi. To make matters worse, there is someone else who’s got it in for her. A wonderfully-written, triumphant crime novel with strong characterisations, in which the various plot threads are cleverly interwoven.

  • Cover Scorpio
    Cover Scorpio
    The Scorpion’s Head
    Once again, a fantastic thriller that you want to read in one sitting.
    Het Nieuwsblad

    Gaelle wakes up injured in a psychiatric hospital in Berlin. Her seven-year-old son is in a coma in another hospital, and the police suspect her of attempting to murder him. Gaelle manages to escape and is determined to uncover the truth. Michael is a contract killer. When Michael decides to reject an assignment, he knows he must run for his life. One makes a living by killing, the other would kill to survive. And soon their paths will cross...

  • Cover Silent Ground
    Cover Silent Ground
    Silent Ground
    Excellent, excellent, excellent!
    Josh Pachter

    Glasgow, 1983. One stormy November night, six-year-old Rosie Thompson disappears from the bedroom she shares with her twin sister Ruby. No trace of her can be found. Thirty years later, someone leaves a message in the confession book of an old Scots clergyman: ‘I’m sorry about what happened to Rosie Thompson. May God forgive me.’

  • Cover Dead Water
    Cover Dead Water
    Dead Water
    Subtle, sometimes poetic and never sensationalist
    Jury Knack Hercule Poirot Prize

    Inspector Meerhout becomes entangled in a web of intrigue, death threats, rough sex and pangs of conscience. Motives and potential perpetrators abound, but where lies the truth? ‘Dead water’ is a real page-turner, with a well thought-out plot and fascinating characters.

  • Cover Witnesses
    Cover Witnesses
    A clever thriller: exciting, with a well-rounded plot and very recognisable
    NDB Biblion

    When union official Martin looks away in terror from three youths who are spraying graffiti on a night train and then attack an elderly gentleman who says something about it, he finds himself in a moral quandary. Nobody notices him, he doesn’t have a mobile phone and the victim doesn’t seem to be in a bad way. Enough reasons for Martin not to call the police.

  • Cover A Sleepless Summer
    Cover A Sleepless Summer
    A Sleepless Summer
    What an intense, intriguing drama!

    An apparently trivial event trips an unstoppable chain reaction, leaving few characters unscathed. A tragicomic thriller with a strong narrative and everyday, yet unforgettable, characters. Uncanny, original and haunting.

  • Cover The Affable Murderer
    Cover The Affable Murderer
    The Affable Murderer
    A must for literary connoisseurs
    Jury Schaduw Prize

    In this exploration of a murderer’s motives, Bram Dehouck manages to capture the audience’s attention from beginning to end, culminating in a nail-biting, tragic finale that will resonate with the reader for a long time.

  • Cover Pitbull
    Cover Pitbull
    Reminiscent of a Patricia Highsmith classic
    De Morgen

    ‘Pitbull’ is a chilling psychological thriller with a strong streak of horror. With a keen eye for detail, Deflo sketches a razor-sharp portrait of a tormented psychopath’s obsessions. Not suitable for sensitive readers.

  • Cover Baudelaire's Revenge
    Cover Baudelaire's Revenge
    Baudelaire’s Revenge
    A wonderful and believable portrait of the period, through the medium of an intelligently constructed crime story.
    De Morgen

    The inhabitants of Paris are enthralled by a series of horrific murders that makes them forget the realities of the Franco-Prussian War: on each of the bodies, lines are found from The Flowers of Evil, the controversial collection of poems by the recently deceased poet Charles Baudelaire. Someone has taken it upon themselves to take revenge on the poet’s enemies. ‘Baudelaire’s Revenge’ is a literary thriller that brings to life a tumultuous period in French history in a masterly and evocative way.

  • Cover From Bruges With Love
    Cover From Bruges With Love
    From Bruges with Love
    Aspe’s characters are very complex, his plot excellent.
    Vrij Nederland

    ‘From Bruges with Love’ is the third instalment in the popular thriller series around Inspector Van In. By touching on issues such as paedophilia, corruption and blackmail, the narrative provides a critique of the cover-ups that have rocked Belgian politics.

  • Cover The Midas Murders
    Cover The Midas Murders
    The Midas Murders
    A particularly complex plot that intrigues, surprises and fascinates until the very last page
    De Morgen

    ‘The Midas Murders’ is the second in the popular crime series around the eccentric Inspector Pieter Van In. The title refers to King Midas, the Greek mythological figure who had the ability to turn everything he touched into gold. Aspe demonstrates that in both ancient Greece and present-day Belgium profiteering can lead to tragedy.

  • Cover The Power of Fire
    Cover The Power of Fire
    The Power of Fire
    Mendes measures up to Ludlum and Clavell.
    Haagsche Courant

    An accurate, well-researched depiction of the extreme political tensions in the Middle East in the twentieth century. Against this historical backdrop, Mendes steers his story to a spectacular climax.

  • Cover The Alzheimer Case
    Cover The Alzheimer Case
    The Alzheimer Case
    A 'golden oldie'
    De Leeswolf

    Within the space of three days, six people are murdered. All the evidence leads to Angelo Ledda, a ruthless hitman who suffers from progressive memory loss. A well-researched crime novel by the 'Godfather of the Flemish thriller'.