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From policeman to murderer

The Affable Murderer

Bram Dehouck

In Ypres, the First World War is still commemorated every single day. This city, haunted by its past, is the setting for at least three murders within just a few days. The police are at a loss. The only one who knows the identity of the culprit is Detective Philip Rondelez: it is none other than himself. Ever since a traumatic event three years ago, Rondelez has been consumed by grief, anger, and vengeance. Now, he murders out of a deranged sense of justice. But danger is lurking around the corner for him too…

A masterful debut novel
Jury Gouden Strop

In this crime novel, author Bram Dehouck combines deadly seriousness with black humour to create a heart-wrenching story. He paints the lead character with such psychological depth that the reader will immediately feel sympathy for this tormented murderer. ‘The Affable Murderer’ is not a whodunit; we know who the culprit is just from reading the blurb. Rather, this book is a whydunit. In this exploration of a murderer’s motives, the author manages to capture the audience’s attention from beginning to end, culminating in a nail-biting, tragic finale that will resonate with the reader for a long time.

A classic and original psychological thriller, complete with a shocking, surprising and fitting ending.
Jury Schaduw Prize
Dehouck steps outside of the box and defies conventions.
NRC Handelsblad