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Flemish books in La Bella Italia

Italian publishers are embracing Flemish children’s literature. Just look at the numbers: more than a dozen translations of Flemish children’s books have been published in Italy over the past few years – and that’s only counting the titles that were made possible through support from Flanders Literature.

Italian translations of Flemish children's books

Sinnos, an independent publishing house in Rome, plays an important part in this success. They have already published 11 Flemish books. Recent releases include the Italian editions of Tinkleman by Benjamin Leroy and Jaap Robben, Thirteen Running Deer by Mattias De Leeuw and Edward van de Vendel (both translated by Laura Pignatti) and the wordless Circus Night, also illustrated by Mattias De Leeuw. At the end of January, De Leeuw travelled to Milan, Firenze, Rome and Putignano on a promotional tour, which included workshops at various bookstores.

Translations to keep an eye out for

Italian translations of Flemish books

Sinnos is loyal to its authors and illustrators, and is planning to publish at least four new Flemish children’s books this year, including Bart Moeyaert’s ‘Mansoor’, and ‘Land Ho!’ by Pieter Gaudesaboos and Brunhilde Borms.

The Italian market also welcomes Flemish books for adults: at the end of last year, Lize Spit’s The Melting, translated by David Santoro, was published by E/O Edizioni. Over the coming months, these are some of the translations to be expected: Will by Jeroen Olyslaegers (E/O Edizioni), The Convert by Stefan Hertmans and Congo Blues by Jonathan Robijn (both with publishing house Marsilio), and ‘The Third Marriage’ by Tom Lanoye (Nutrimenti). Scritturapura, on the other hand, has shown interest in Erwin Mortier’s back catalogue.