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Two more Eisner Award nominations for Brecht Evens

Brecht Evens’ Panther (Panter) has been nominated twice for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, sometimes referred to as the Oscars of the comic book industry. This brings the total number of nominations for books by Brechts Evens to six.

Named after acclaimed comics creator Will Eisner, the awards are celebrating their 29th year of highlighting the best publications and creators in comic books. This year’s panel of judges consists of Comic-Con International board member Alan Campbell, reviewer-critic Rob Clough, comics retailer Jamie Newbold, comics scholar Robert Moses Peaslee, librarian Dawn Rutherford and comics writer-columnist Martha Thomases. Award winners will be announced at the San Diego Comic-Con on 21 July.

The book

Cover Panther

Panther is published by Drawn and Quarterly, and translated by Laura Watkinson and Michele Hutchison. It is an unsettling graphic novel about a little girl and her imaginary feline companion. Iconoclastic in his cartooning and page layouts, subtle in his plotting, and deft in his capturing of the human experience, Brecht Evens has crafted a tangled, dark masterwork. ‘Panther’ is a chilling voyage into the shadowy corners of the human psyche, all set in gorgeous watercolours.

The author

When he was 19, Brecht Evens published his first comic book, for which he won the Flemish Comic Book Debut Award. The Wrong Place represented his breakthrough in Flanders and the rest of the world. Since then Evens has stood out for the style so typical of his work: he doesn’t use contour lines or balloons for text, but paints exuberant scenes and familiar dialogues in sequence, using an overwhelming colour palette. Evens surprises readers with each new book, and with each new page.

Six nominations in total

This is the fourth time that Brecht Evens is nominated for an Eisner Award. Each of his books that has so far been published in English, was nominated for this prestigious prize:

  • The Wrong Place (Drawn and Quarterly) 2011 Best Painter
  • 'Night Animals' (Top Shelf) 2012 Best U.S. Edition of International Material
  • The Making Of (Drawn and Quarterly) 2013 Best Painter, Best U.S. Edition of International Material
  • Panther (Drawn and Quarterly) 2017 Best Painter, Best Lettering
May 4th, 2017