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Eisner Award nominations

These Flemish authors and books have been nominated for the prestigious American Eisner Awards:

  • Willy Linthout ‘Years of the Elephant’ 2010 Best U.S. Edition of International Material and Best Nonfiction Author
  • Brecht Evens 'The Wrong Place', 2011 Best Painter
  • Brecht Evens ‘Night Animals’ 2012 Best U.S. Edition of International Material
  • Nix ‘Kinky & Cosy’ 2012 Best Humour Publication and Best Publication Design
  • Brecht Evens 'The Making Of' 2013 Best Painter, Best U.S. Edition of International Material
  • Judith Vanistendael 'When David Lost His Voice' 2014 Best Writer Artist, Best U.S. Edition of International Material and Best Painter
  • Olivier Schrauwen ‘Mowgli’s Mirror’ 2016 Best one-shot
  • Brecht Evens 'Panther' 2017 Best Painter, Best Lettering

  • Cover - Years of the Elephant
    Cover - Years of the Elephant
    Years of the Elephant
    Linthout’s choice to leave his pencil-work bare, is a masterstroke
    Blog Critics

    Willy Linthout has created a powerful, groundbreaking graphic novel that grabs the reader by the throat. From the very first page, he draws us into the difficult processes that await Charles as he lurches between loneliness, grief, incomprehension and love, often losing sight of the difference between reality and fiction. 

  • Cover The Wrong Place
    Prix de l'Audace
    Cover The Wrong Place
    Prix de l'Audace
    The Wrong Place
    A feast for the eyes

    Upon its publication, ‘The Wrong Place’ set off artistic fireworks in the Flemish graphic novel scene. This comic strip is bursting with artistic ambition: Brecht Evens has introduced a new and daring style with his expressive drawings and powerful choices of colour.

  • Cover Night Animals
    Cover Night Animals
    Night Animals
    Fantastic. Evens' linework is wonderful... but his coloring is even better.

    ‘Night Animals’ contains two dreamlike, wordless stories that transform everyday experiences into fantastic journeys to strange new worlds. Brecht Evens surprises with stories and images in which he continually seems to extend the limits of his capabilities.

  • Cover - Kinky & Cosy
    Cover - Kinky & Cosy
    Kinky & Cosy
    Among the best comics of today’s market
    Rolling Stone

    The quirky little sisters Kinky and Cosy manage to wreak havoc with all their naivety and innocence. Three small panels – that’s all Nix needs for a daily dose of nonsensical and politically incorrect humour.

  • Cover - The Making of
    Cover - The Making of
    The Making of
    Evens’ washes of color are brilliant.
    Publishers Weekly

    ‘The Making Of’ is a work of art, an absolute gem from start to finish. Evens captures emotions, both large and small, along with funny little human traits and tics. His story feels very familiar, with all of its absurdity. There’s not one single page that will leave you indifferent.

  • Cover - When David Lost His Voice
    Cover - When David Lost His Voice
    When David Lost His Voice
    A quietly overwhelming portrait
    Paul Gravett

    David is diagnosed with cancer of the larynx, a terminal form of cancer that means he will soon be unable to speak. Judith Vanistendael zooms in on David and the three women who surround him: his wife and his two daughters. A touching and subtle book that compassionately depicts the fruitless struggle to find the meaning of life.

  • Cover Mowgli's Mirror
    Cover Mowgli's Mirror
    Mowgli's Mirror
    A fantasmagoria without balloons in which a man sets out on a surreal quest in search of his animality
    Le Soir

    In this wordless tale, the young human boy Mowgli lives alone in the jungle. He soon feels lonely and goes in search of a soulmate. Mowgli’s quest is full of slapstick humour with bloody violence and elephant droppings, but also contains reflections on philosophical questions like individuality and complementarity.

  • Cover - Panther
    Cover - Panther
    A dark fairy tale filled with troubling implications and haunting illustrations
    Publishers Weekly

    ‘Panther’ is an unsettling graphic novel about a little girl and her imaginary feline companion. Iconoclastic in his cartooning and page layouts, subtle in his plotting, and deft in his capturing of the human experience, Brecht Evens has crafted a tangled, dark masterwork.