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Will the truth ever surface?

Dead Water

Toni Coppers

Albrecht Stuyt is a retired mission priest and the subject of rumours of paedophilia. When he disappears and his pipe is found along the quay of the Scheldt in Antwerp, the police launch a search. However, while dragging the river the police don’t retrieve the clergyman’s body but that of Pina Gonzalez, a former prostitute from the maritime quarter. The examining magistrate classifies the case as death by misadventure, but Liese Meerhout, inspector with the homicide squad, has her doubts. Next up, the body of the strangled priest surfaces. Motives and potential perpetrators abound, but where lies the truth? And what is the link between the two deaths?

Subtle, sometimes poetic and never sensationalist
Jury Hercule Poirot Prize

Together with the reader, Inspector Meerhout becomes entangled in a web of intrigue, death threats, rough sex and pangs of conscience. ‘Dead water’ is a real page-turner, with a well thought-out plot and fascinating characters. The headstrong Inspector Meerhout continues to capture the imagination in the television adaptation of her adventures.

Well written, with a gripping plot suffused with tension and the investigator’s private troubles
VN Thrillergids
With this book Coppers once again proves that he is a master of the police thriller.