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A fall into the deepest vaults of the human spirit


Roderik Six

As if from nowhere, Doc, a young city doctor turns up in Fall, a small southern Canadian fishing town surrounded by a vast forest. He comes as if summoned: Lyndon, the old country doctor, has just died and Doc takes up residence in his grand house amidst the woods. On his rounds he gets to know a number of colourful figures: the insomniac sheriff Dwight who calls him at night to unfold Fall’s history to him, the seductive Rose, who runs a brothel, and the young teacher Jonathan who would love to write a novel but doubts his talent.

Pitilessly tense, stylistically strong and more suggestion than slaughter. Six is creepily good. *****
De Standaard

Their stories soon come to resemble a confession – everyone seems to harbour a dark secret, and the doctor, too, must come clean about his past. Was his arrival in Fall a coincidence?

When Doc discovers a horrifying 8mm film clip in Lyndon’s attic and women begin to disappear in Fall, the story takes a dark turn. What once seemed an idyllic spot now turns out to conceal a dark cancer.

In ‘Fall’ Roderik Six goes armed with stylistic brilliance in search of the ultimate evil, and what loneliness can do to a person. He proves himself a master of suggestion: his ironic narrative style and sparse, subtle use of language create the perfect atmosphere and tension.

Six gradually dragged me into a horrific world, in which everyone is a criminal, or is least close to Evil. Extremely powerful.
De Groene Amsterdammer